At BibleMessages.com our goal is to provide you with free resources that will help you grow in your walk with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We currently offer two sets of free Bible studies you can download and print, History is His Story and the Light of Life Series.


History is His Story

This is written in the form of a book with ten chapters but actually they are ten lessons. I wrote this because I want my children to know that the world we live in is not all there is and the best is yet to come. Heaven is a real place and we can look forward to going there.

I want them to become aware of the spiritual realm, to know of the battle we are in with the
forces of evil, to know of the power of Almighty God, and that no one can do anything God does
not permit.

I want them to revere our heavenly Father and stand in awe of Him and to truly worship and
praise Him from the heart. He set before us life and death. We have free will to choose. I want
them to recognize the hand of God working in their lives when events occur that affect them
personally or as a nation.

Lastly, I want them to realize that anything they must endure on earth will not compare with the
glory of heaven so they will not fear the death of the body.

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Light of Life Series

Do you know God personally, or do you just know about Him? We all have a continuing need for a deeper knowledge of God's Word that we may have a closer walk with Him. These lessons are designed as a seven day study each week.

By reading through the Bible in a year you will not learn all there is to learn, but you will have a better understanding of God's plan that will help you understand each passage as you go through it again and again the rest of your life.

Lessons in the series are printable and allow you to add notes on any portion of the Bible you study. Each passage will build upon all other passages.

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